For Asset Owners

We provide active management of your assets and facilities.

For Project Developers

We add our expertise and knowledge to enhance your team.

For Facility Operators

We offer outsourcing solutions, maintenance, and support.

For Project Investors

We provide analysis, due diligence, and industry expertise.
Advanced Biofuels

Advanced Biofuels

Robust production of domestic renewable biofuels is critically important for our energy security, economy, and environment. Advanced biofuels can be produced from a broad variety of feedstocks. 

Biomass Energy

Biomass Energy

Renewable biomass energy is a great source of domestic small scale distributed power generation. It significantly reduces greenhouse gases emissions and carbon footprint of power generation.

Solar Energy

Solar Energy

EnergyOne manages full lifecycle of solar energy projects, including operations, maintenance, and monitoring. Our solutions are tailored for utility scale projects as well as for commercial and industrial markets.

Carbon Credits

Carbon Credits

We seek best value in greenhouse gas emission reduction programs for our customers. Our expertise ranges from international CDM projects, to domestic mandatory markets, to voluntary markets around the globe.


EnergyOne is a project development, project management, and facility operations company specializing in the areas of renewable energy, biofuels, biomass, gasification, and carbon credits. EnergyOne provides its services to project development teams, facility owners and operators, investors, startups and established companies.


EnergyOne possesses unique full lifecycle expertise in renewable energy projects starting in feasibility stages and extending into construction and subsequent operations of the facilities. EnergyOne manages both international as well as domestic projects with most concentration in Europe and both Coasts of the United States.


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